Nature paradise Raroia

We’re still hanging out in Raroia, where we’re the only boat ever since we arrived. We are enjoying nature while waiting for a window to the gambier. We keep busy with boat projects, some writing and use the good weather to visit the bird motus and marvel at the underwater world.

There are channels in the outer reef where clear ocean water flows in, resulting in great visibility and healthy coral. There it looks almost surreal–like something from a b movie or a disney land scenery: purple, yellow and green arty-farty sculptures and tons of reef sharkies in between. you round a corner in the half metre deep water and suddenly your snout-to-nose with one of them ;-)
We woke up two sleeping nurse sharks today and gave them a bit of a fright…
Apparently not many people come here, because there are still lots of snails and clams even in the shallows around.

On the way back we finally got lucky trolling with the dinghy and invited a bluefin jack for dinner ;-)

boat life at its best :-)

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