Hot and humid

We arrived a week ago in Tahiti and went into super-busy mode immediately. Not on our to-do list (we have tons of projects with the things we ordered from the US), but with unexpected chores: We spent two days repairing the sail, one day repairing the kerosene stove, 2 days repairing our new(!) dinghy as the damn thing arrived with serious damage from the transport, then we got duty-free diesel, did some doctor’s appointments (I had a loose filling replaced and my retinas checked after a serious fright–I saw flashes, something that looked like a tear through my vision–turns out it was a visual migraine…), shopping, lots and lots of internet chores, etc. and now we’re eager to head South towards the cooler Austral Islands. It looks like we’ll get a weather window on Tuesday :-)

It’s getting seriously hot and humid here in Tahiti (rainy season is getting into full swing) and our aging ship’s cat doesn’t cope well with the heat (she loses her appetite, throws up, gets grumpy), so we’ll cool her down in the Austral islands to keep her fresh for bit longer ;-)

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