Gluten-free cruising

Ever since Christian had some health problems 5 years ago we’ve been cooking and baking gluten-free. In the beginning that was quite a challenge: I googled recipes and dismissed most because we couldn’t get the ingredients for them out here. I experimented a lot and found a few basic rules for gluten-free flour:
corn starch (available in minimarkets around the world) makes doughs hard and stable
rice flour (available in bigger supermarkets) makes things crispy (ideal for batters, flatbread, pizzas)
tapioca flour (available in basically all minimarkets in the Pacific area) makes doughs gooey and glues things together (great in crepes)
buckwheat flour (available only in Tahiti in the French Poly area) lets doughs rise (ideal for bread)
almond flour (available only in Tahiti in the Fr. Poly area) is great for quiche and pie bottoms

We stock up on luxury items like gluten-free cake mixes, lasagne sheets, spaghetti, etc. and of course lots and lots of buckwheat flour whenever we are in Tahiti. In remoter areas there’s a wide variety of local veg to cook gluten-free meals:
Breadfruit, maniok, iams, sweet potatoes and taro are great in traditional (ask locals!) preparations, but also in fusion-food style dishes (breadfruit lasagne, gnocchi made from breadfruit dough, taro gratin, sweet potato goulash–there are no limits for creative cooking!)

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