Miss Pfaff

We managed to get several metres of heavy-duty dacron material (some from a sailmaker after all others had refused to sell any, some from fellow cruisers–thanks!), got the sail down, stuffed it into the saloon and set to work. The photo’s not quite realistic, we didn’t have a third person to take the pic so you can’t see how Christian had to hold up the sail with one hand, hold down the foot of the sewing machine with the other and occasionally help along the motor with his third hand… Our sewing machine Miss Pfaff (a Pfaff 92 from the 70s) courageously worked her way through more layers of sailcloth than we would have thought possible: we needed an awl, a sailing needle and gloves to penetrate the material in order to knot the loose ends…
After two working days the sail’s ready to be hoisted again, but there’s no weather window in sight…

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