Change of mood?

Due to the Covid-19 situation most island states remain closed (Fiji is open, so a few boats went there and we hope they fared well in the cyclone that just hit Fiji badly…). Boats that would normally have continued west have stayed in French Poly, new ones have arrived, so there are more cruisers around this cyclone season than usually. Raivavae hardly ever sees more than 5 sailboats at the same time, but now about 15 are anchored around the lagoon.
We always experienced the population of the Austral Islands as extremely friendly, but yesterday a boat came by and told our neighbours that there were too many sailboats anchored off the motu and that we should leave… The owners of the motu organise (paid) BBQs and Picnics for cruisers, so we were more than surprised about that reaction. Everybody else in the village has been superfriendly so far, so we hope that it’s just one guy who probably got influenced by the defaming propaganda of the Tahitian media…

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