Welcome to the jungle!

The alligator fake leather’s just a protective cover for the sofa mattress, on top of that (and on all the other 10 cushions around the saloon) we now have to sew fabric covers. Something unicoloured would of course look elegant, but a light colour’s waaay too easily stained and a dark colour would make the salon too gloomy. Thinking of cookie crumbles (especially on passage), cat food, cocoa, coffee or red wine accidents we went through the range the fabric store offered online and chose a wild leaf and fern pattern in green, mint, light-blue, brown and beige.

Now the first cover’s done and it’s indeed very camouflage–to an extent where it’s impossible to find sunglasses or other small items again and even the cat blends in to a dangerous degree (don’t sit on the cat!!).
we’re trying to get used to the new look. For now we start singing ‘Welcome to the jungle’ in Axl Rose’ best squeaky voice whenever we enter the salon ;-)

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