Gorgeous Raivavae

Raivavae’s a gorgeous little island: tiny, with a spectacular mountain range, sheer cliffs and lush slopes. The lagoon is navigable, but rather difficult, because it’s shallow, very murky and a real maze of bommies. We’re good at navigating in coral-strewn waters, but coming to the NE corner feels like going through a mine-field, left, right, coral heads that come up almost to the surface lurk everywhere…
We are now anchored in a nice, but small sandy spot (of course with a floated chain) in front of our friend’s motu (cruisers must ask permission from the owners before anchoring off a motu in Raivavae). A very pretty spot to self-quarantine for a week :-)

Along the way the temperature of the sea dropped considerably (2 degrees C), but in the lagoon the water’s the same temperature like in Tahiti though (29°C)–probably the reason why the coral inside the lagoon is completely dead. Given the density of bommies the coral must have thrived at some point, but that must have been a while ago. Rather sad.

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