Wrestling albino alligators

Last time we did the upholstery in our saloon with low-quality fabric from Panama that went blotchy and ugly soon and had to be redone every other year. The mattress foam we got in Tahiti was even worse. Now, with new foam and fabric, we wanted to be on the safe side and decided to do the main seating area (and sleeping matress for in between on passages and in rough anchorages) extra strong with a layer of waterproof fake leather underneath a fabric cover. Once we were dumb enough to forget to close the hatch above the couch on passage and had a wave splashing in, we tend to spill cocoa occasionally and our geriatric cat managed to puke on the sofa a few times already. So better safe than sorry…
The fake leather turned out to be in a quasi alligator pattern, but white. We had to get the cover on and off several times to measure it properly and each time we felt like wrestling with a very uncooperative albino alligator… It took us two days to finish the thing, but now it’s done and fits really nicely!

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