Bad examples ruin cruiser’s reputation

We always like to think that all cruisers are reasonable, environmental friendly, nice people. Well, they are not.

Two days ago we moved to the airport anchorage and anchored in 3 m depth on the shelf where we can see the bottom, know that we are nicely settled in sand and only need 20 m of chain. Our next neighbour was far away, the French catamaran Vahini, anchored out in the deep. When the wind shifted we were astounded to see that the big cat moved on its chain all the way from the deep anchorage to the shelf, just a boat length from our bow. Soon after the owner came by and suggested that we move, as he was there before. He stated that he had anchored in 20m depth, had 80m of chain out and he was certain that his chain was wrapped around coral heads so the cat was likely to move even further into our direction!?!

Questioned about his anchoring method he got angry, as he has lived 20 years on the cat and circumnavigated once already. Sad to hear that he obviously hasn’t learned much during all that time. Exactly this kind of view and behaviour gives all cruisers a bad reputation… We can’t really blame the locals when they want anchoring bans.

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  1. ZwerfCat says:

    Oh my god, I would be super angry as well. Such a bastard. BLEGH!!!

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