Arriving at dawn

Of course we got more than the predicted 15 knots, so in the end we had to reef down to almost nothing to avoid arriving at night. Vanua Balavu is a big archipelago with numerous islands within a deeply submerged barrier reef that doesn’t give much protection and we’re anchored in a bay on the E side of the main island to be able to pick up the internet signal from the only antenna at the main village. After 7 weeks without internet we have quite some catching up to do!
Within 5 minutes of arriving we saw a car on the coastal road (wow!) and a plane descending (WOW!!)–but let’s not get carried away: Vanua Balavu has 1 little plane per week and the car we saw was probably on the way to the airport for that reason ;-)
There’s only one other airport in the Lau group at Lakemba, so the islands are not easy to reach (unlike Fr Poly, where the French built an airport on basically all inhabited atolls).

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