On to the next island

We are getting ready to leava Fulanga. We’ve had quite a hyperactive time here and would have needed 48 hour days to fit everything in:
- village life (spending time with our host family, Christian did some electric repairs, spreading info about sustainable fishing)
- nature (snorkeling and kayaking in different areas, each one prettier than the last)
- and of course boat projects (Christian serviced our winches and I sanded and painted the frame of the forecabin hatch)
Today we’ll sail northwards to Vanua Balavu, because it’s the next island with shops, 4G and protected anchorages. Along the way we’ll have to pay close attention to the course, because we’ll go through the dense island chain of the Lau group and will have to dodge several islands. The weather forecast looks great (Easterly winds around 15 knots), so we should make the 120 nm in less than 24 hours.

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