We couldn’t believe our ears when we heard barking ashore. Not a sound like a little yuppy dog would make, but a huge specimen, like a Saint Bernard dog… The next village is miles away, the islands are nearly impossible to climb with their overhanging shores and horribly spiky – had some lunatic abandoned his dog here? Then we heard more barking from the neighbouring island and yet another one?!
Glad that we didn’t have to venture out on a mission to save a dog, we opened our wikipedia and soon found an extremely unlikely source of the strange sound: a pigeon!
“The barking imperial pigeon (Ducula latrans), also known as Peale’s imperial pigeon, is a species of bird in the pigeon family Columbidae. It is endemic to Fiji, where it occurs on most of the medium and large islands. Its natural habitats are mature tropical moist lowland forests and tropical moist montane forest.”

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