Matuku aid project – support is growing!

We are still determined to get some positive outcome for the islanders of Matuku from the boating accident we and Maikeli Tamani (the deceased headman) suffered there. 2 weeks have passed and we are making progress! We still have not decided on an x-ray machine, but several offers have come in. If you have ideas, contacts with medical equipment contacts, get in touch with us!
After comparing options it looks like goFundme will be the best platform to collect donations, we’ll keep you posted.
We are in touch with the doctor of Yaroi hospital (Matuku) and his superiors for practical issues (suitability of equipment, importing, etc.).
Tony Philp of Vuda Marina and Coprashed Marina has spontaneously offered to provide buoys, ground tackle and some fuel for the Tabu-fish protection zones in Matuku, thanks Tony!
John Hembrow, founder of Down under Ralley and their Ahoy Magazine has offered support, thanks John!
BoatingNZ magazine and Austrian Yachtrevue will run articles about the accident–thanks John and Judith!
Christian is almost back to full strength after some physio-therapy and injection into his inflamed shoulder, I’m still slowed down by my 5 broken ribs (healing nicely) and pneumothorax (almost gone according to the latest x-ray), but not being able to use my right arm due to a partial tear in the triceps tendon is more annoying than the other injuries as it keeps me from what I’m best at–writing.

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