Passive pollution

Remember the times when smoking was still allowed in restaurants and bars? You’d go in as a non-smoker for a quick drink, cough in the murky-looking air for a while and return home with red eyes, smelly hair and clothes. Those unlucky enough to work in such an environment often had negative effects on their health, so everyone agreed at some point that “passive smoking” was dangerous for the public and therefore laws were made to protect non-smokers.
To me it’s much the same when people don’t care about their carbon footprint, motor long distances in their boats instead of sailing, run the generator each day instead of installing solar panels and constantly jet around the globe–preferably in private jets and helicopters as we see each day here in Fiji when new guests arrive at high-end resorts. The general view seems to be that those lucky enough to be able to afford it, are entitled to live on a super-size carbon footprint. I don’t envy them their “luxuries”, but the problem is that we all live on the same planet that gets damaged more badly every day, we all suffer from the consequences and catastrophes caused by global warming and we all breathe the same polluted air. I feel that we small-size carbon-footprinters (frowned upon by many as eco-nerds) are entitled to be protected from “passive pollution” done by thoughtless people which is just as lethal (or worse) as globally recognized passive smoking…

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