Winter in Fiji

Fiji lies at 17° south, so it doesn’t get properly cold, but we (tropical islanders that we are) still call June to September winter, get out socks and hoodies and drink lots of tea (to warm up after an outside shower) and mulled wine for sundowners instead of cold beer. Especially while the southeasterly winds are blowing and bring cold air masses from the south (sometimes with sunny skies, but sometimes with grey rain clouds) the air temperatures drop below 20° during the day and below 15° at night. We spend our time with indoor projects, write (me), program (Christian), work on boat maintenance (both) and wait for summer to go exploring and have fun.
Ironically winter’s also the time when most sailboats visit Fiji–either Kiwis who have sailed up from cold and stormy NZ, people who left their boats in marinas or cyclone pits during summer and new boats arriving from the east (Tonga, Cooks, Fr Poly, the Americas). They call these months “the sailing season”, enjoy the fresh trade winds for sailing and kite surfing and frolic in the 26° C water they find warm (in comparison to NZ). They will either sail westwards or leave their boats again once the cyclone season comes (yep, that’s the time we call summer ;-) )

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