New windlass

When our neighbours in the marina gave away their Muir Cheetah windlass for free (they replaced most gadgets on their newly bought boat) Christian couldn’t resist and grabbed it–after all the Cheetah is the bigger (and younger) sister of our beloved, but elderly Muir Cougar. An upgrade from 1000 W to 1200 W, a newer motor–great!
It turned into a major undertaking as we had to order spare parts from Tasmania to refurbish the winch. Last week we started the exchange: we had to empty our forecabin (main storage area) and the forepeak (more storage) and sails, brewing equipment and spare parts were piled up in the salon. Of course we needed most of our tools (live in the lockers in the salon) and as it turned out that the deck beneath the wooden base plate was badly corroded, we needed the angle grinder (other locker) and then we had to primer and paint (yep, yet another locker) before mounting a new wooden plate and the refurbished new pet (pussy cat Cheetah). And all that in rainy Suva in between downpours and hectic canvas-tent building while the salon looked as if a bomb had exploded in the forecabin.
I’m still not allowed any lifting or pulling, so poor Christian slaved away on his own, half of the time stuck with his upper body in the forepeak while working/drilling/installing overhead. Anyway, now the job is done and the pussy cat is purring nicely…
Our cougar has found a new home here in Suva and will be installed on a power boat :-)

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