Update on the Matuku Marine Reserve

The little Island of Matuku in the Lau Group is installing 3 big no-fishing zones around their island to guarantee sustainable fishing in the future. We have been trying to raise support for the project and a big thank you goes to all of you, who have donated for the project so far!

This week we’ve been running around in Suva organising things and there’s great progress. Thanks a lot to all those who have supported us here:

Vinaka to Tony Philp of the Tradewinds Marine Group (including the Yachtshop, Vuda Marina and Coprashed Marina) for sponsoring buoys and ground tackle as well as fuel barrels, so the islanders can mark the Tabu area and patrol it!

Vinaka to David Philp from the Fibreglass Shop for building these buoys!

Vinaka to Liti Mariravula for translating our info brochure about permanent no-fishing tabu zones!
Vinaka to Isabell Derenthal for designing those brochures!
Vinaka to Tiki Waqanivere for taking the brochures along and spreading the word about sustainable fishing in Ono-i-Lau!

And we would also like to thank the crews of SY Vesper, SY Dash, SY Sugarshack, and SY Marcato who are sending medical supplies, second-hand clothes, sunglasses, ropes, etc. along :-)

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