Arrived in Vanuatu

We arrived yesterday at 2 in the morning after a stormy, splashy last sailing night in the cozy protected bay between Anatom and “Mystery Island”. Anatom’s not a port of entry, but you can check in (with pre-authorisation as we had) whenever the officials come here to clear in a cruise ship. Yesterday morning we got an email saying that today’s cruise ship stop was canceled and that we were to sail to Tanna instead–awkward as we were already at anchor at that time…
A local boat stopped by and told us though, that there might be another cruise ship coming on Saturday, so maybe we can check in then.
Yesterday was a public holiday in Vanuatu so no response from the immigration/customs office in the capital, but we’re awaiting news today.
In the meantime it’s howling and raining outside, so we’re happy to stay put inside and get some work done.

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