Cleared in!

Yesterday morning we left Anatom at 5 o’clock in the morning as we expected light winds for the 50 mile sail up to Tanna and we wanted to arrive with daylight. The winds were stronger than expected and it was a fast, close-hauled sail (5 to 7 knots), so we got to the anchorage just after noon. Port Resolution is a bay located on the east side of Tanna and approaching the bay the easterly swell was breaking spectacularly on the volcanic cliffs and pinnacles that make up the shoreline.
Coming from the south you can’t see the bay until you’re already past it–imagine what it must have been like for the first explorers on their tall ships to find such an unexpected haven in a rough coastline. I would have named it Port Surprise instead of Port Resolution…
This morning the officials came over from the main town Lenakel to check us in–a very relaxed procedure in the Tanna Yacht Club which is overlooking the bay. Now we’re ready to explore Vanuatu!

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