Collect Tusker beer bottles!

There is no separating and recycling in Vanuatu (yet, it’s just starting with some projects), but the local brewery takes their empty beer bottles back to refill them! So it’s a good idea not to buy imported beer or cans, but to buy Tusker in bottles. It’s quite a nice beer and we love their slogan “Bia blong yumi” (Bislama, is the second official language and a nice, easy to learn pidgin language: bia=beer, blong=belong and most other prepositions, yumi= we, so “the beer that belongs to us). There are no official collection points (apart from the main office in Vila on some days or if you have large quantities, then you can call the brewery collection truck to come), but restaurants and bars collect their own bottles and they may well be willing to take more empty bottles as there is a deposit of 10 Vatu on each bottle. We asked at the Nambawan Cafe just next to the market and they were happy to take our empty bottles :-)
I suppose the restaurant at the Yachtworld Moorings takes them as well, just ask! If not, please suggest they should do so…

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