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  • Ten years!

    Ten years ago we set out from Pula (Croatia). We didn’t know then whether we’d like this life, whether we’d be able to deal with all the challenges it poses. We were happy, but also quite anxious… On the one hand it feels like yesterday, on the other hand we have experienced and seen so much during those years that it seems like a lifetime…… Continue reading »

  • Bad examples ruin cruiser’s reputation

    We always like to think that all cruisers are reasonable, environmental friendly, nice people. Well, they are not. Two days ago we moved to the airport anchorage and anchored in 3 m depth on the shelf where we can see the bottom, know that we are nicely settled in sand and only need 20 m of chain. Our next neighbour was far away, the French… Continue reading »

  • Bad neighbours

    While Pitufa was anchored alone off Marina Taina, the French catamaran Noee swang into her and scratched her paintwork. When our friend Adrian (who did a great job taking care of Pitufa while we were gone–Adrian Pataki who runs Diesel Clinic in Taina, call him when you need someone to look after your boat!) confronted him, he just called him names. We also tried to… Continue reading »

  • Two Articles in Cruising World

    We’ve just found out that two of our articles have been published in Cruising World’s April and May issues. Birgit Hackl: Living the good Life, Cruising World, May 2021, p. 16–18. Birgit Hackl: Lockdown in Paradise, Cruising World, April 2021, p. 58–61.

  • Back in Tahiti!

    Travelling in times of Covid is complicated, requires lots of organisation, paperwork and gave us one adrenaline rush after the other… First we had to beg the Haute Commissariat to accept our reasons to travel (we only got the okay for the return flight when we were already in Austria–quite exciting…), then there’s a form for the folks from quarantine (non-vaccinated travellers need a special… Continue reading »

  • A new book about our ship’s cat

    Going through pictures of Leeloo and all those happy memories I thought that Leeloo’s many fans around the world would probably like to see more about the unusual 21 years our beloved kitty accompanied us on our travels. “On velvet paws towards the horizon” will soon be available on Amazon–I’m working on it!

  • Our TV Interview on LT1

    Watch it online:

  • Thanks for the positive feedback!

    Thanks guys for all the good reviews! It’s great for me as an author to know that people are enjoying my stories… No complaints so far Richtung Horizont — Available as paperback and e-book on Amazon. You can order it here.

  • Smurfs on the radio

    Our radio interview from Sunday can be found on the ORF webpage for one week: Linzer Torte with Birgit Hackl, Christian Feldbauer, Otmar Schrott, 23.5, Radio Oberösterreich

  • Smurfs on the telly

    The TV report about us that was broadcast on Saturday in Austria can be found on the ORF website for one week: Oberösterreich heute, 22.5.2021, Segelnde Auswanderer

  • Article about us in the OÖNachrichten newspaper

    Here is the link to the article that was published in todays’ issue of the Austrian newspaper OÖNachrichten: https://www.nachrichten.at/meine-welt/reisen/segel-setzen-richtung-freiheit;art119,3401730

  • Famous smurfs

    In order to promote our book I wrote to some TV and radio stations in Austria, not expecting much–and was veeeery surprised when quite a few were interested. Pitufa’s crew will be on ‘Oberösterreich heute’ on Saturday at 7 pm and talking for half an hour in the ‘Linzer Torte’ (Radio Oberösterreich) on Sunday at 9 am. I’ll post internet links once we get them!… Continue reading »

  • Pee break in times of covid

    Today we are driving from Upper Austria to Graz. Drinking lots of water is generally healthy, but not a great idea when you’re on a highway… Finally a service station, by now it’s a full emergency, I grab a mask, run to the entrance –and get stopped by a smiling lady in a dirndl dress. No negative covid test, no entry, she informs us friendly,… Continue reading »

  • Richtung Horizont – Reviews on Amazon

    Our travel book has started selling on Amazon, now we need some reviews to encourage other buyers… If you’ve read the book and enjoyed it (which I hope ) please leave a friendly review on Amazon!

  • Richtung Horizont–E-Book Version Available Now!

    Now also the e-book version is available on Amazon. You can order it here.

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