Miserable Weekend

On Saturday we were told by locals that a northwesterly swell caused by a storm near the Azores would make the shallow anchorage a dangerous place to stay with breaking waves within the bay. So all boats moved out to anchor in front of the bay in deeper water, where it was safer, but windseas from the Northeast and 3m swell from the Northwest made… Continue reading »


Boa Vista

Yesterday we reached the next of the Cape Verde islands. Boa Vista lies only 20 nm to the South of Sal, but looks quite different, even though it’s also one of the dry islands. We’re anchored in a huge bay off the main town (which still isn’t big) and the view around is just phantastic. The sea shimmers in innocent shades of green and blue,… Continue reading »


Change of plans

Planning passages and cruising itineraries in order to avoid storms and to profit from favourable winds is really complicated. After listening to plenty of opinions and doing some more reading we decided yesterday that our plan of crossing the Atlantic early (still in October) was not feasible this year, because the Atlantic is unseasonably warm, which may mean a prolongued hurricane season. After crossing later… Continue reading »


Ilha do Sal

The small island is dry and almost free of any vegetation (like some of the Canary Islands) and doesn’t seem very inviting at first, but unlike in the Canaries, the weather is really hot and there are only few tourists around. We’re anchored next to the village Palmeira, which also doesn’t look like much from the sea, but the small houses are colourful, the cobbled… Continue reading »


Cape Verdes

We’ve arrived this morning on Sal, one of the entry ports of the Cape Verde Islands. We’re really tired, but happy


Nightly visitor

We spent the last night becalmed drifting on the open sea (as an alternative to motoring…). We scanned the moonlit horizon for freighters every 20 minutes. There were no ships, but at 6 o’clock something big was splashing about 50 meters away from Pitufa. First we were not sure what it was, but then, the blow noises and the fishy smell revealed our visitor as… Continue reading »


Demanding Passage

This passage was rather strenous. First becalmed, then headwinds, then too much wind (but from the right direction), and now becalmed again. At least we swapped thermo underwear and tea against bathing suit and cold beer.


Less Wind

Less wind and waves and life gets comfortable again. The last 2 days were rather miserable (just imagine living in a tumble dryer…).



Last night was rough, but we are making good progress.


Position Report

Running southwards quickly.


Towards Cape Verdes

We left Las Palmas Tuesday evening towards the Cape Verde Islands. Instead of the expected constant northeasterly wind that predominates here, we found changing winds from different directions—that means many strenuous maneuvers (saves the fitness centre…). This morning the northeasterly wind finally returned and is hopefully come to stay!


Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

We’ve been in the marina of Las Palmas since Thursday. We usually try to avoid marinas, but before setting off towards the Cape Verdes we wanted to go shopping for the last time, fix some things on the boat, fill up the water tanks, etc. At first we were worried if noisy work on the boat would be frowned upon by the marina personal, but… Continue reading »