Prevailing Ocean Winds

Recently, I have discovered world-wide ocean wind data collected over ten years from the ‘SeaWinds’ scatterometer onboard the ‘QuikSCAT’ satellite on the Internet at Oregon State University: COGOW. The site offers an interactive atlas to view prevailing wind maps and wind roses. For blue-water cruisers, the site is definitely a great source to aid route planning. In my opinion, usability of the wind… Continue reading »


Total Solar Eclipse of November 13, 2012

According to NASA there will be a total solar eclipse in the South Pacific when we plan to cruise there from French Polynesia to Chile. Let’s see whether we can catch it.


Planned Route (Part 1)

The planned route for our first year is shown in the map attached to this post. Leaving Pula in summer 2011, we’d like to spend a couple of months cruising the Mediterranean before heading out into the Atlantic Ocean. From the Canary Islands we will cross the Atlantic towards Suriname in October 2011. We are interested in following the rivers into the tropical forests there.… Continue reading »


Crew page has been updated

The Crew page has been updated. Click here.


Hello world!

Welcome to Pitufa.at. This page provides info on our trip around the world aboard SY Pitufa. We started out from Croatia in June 2011. To learn more about us, see “The Crew” page. There, we also describe, how the idea to sail out towards the horizon was born.