Stop in Gibraltar

When we left Melilla, the weather forecast showed favorable conditions for both passing the Strait of Gibraltar as well as for the passage to the Canaries. So we were prepared for a longer sail non-stop to the Canaries. Yesterday’s forecast however suddenly predicted a change from the favorable northerly wind to a southerly for mid of the week. Therefore we stopped at Gibraltar which gives… Continue reading »


Getting our sealegs back

Being in a marina for a week has definitely its advantages, however, we’ve totally lost our sealegs that way. Now, we are attempting to getting them back. On our current leg towards the Strait of Gibraltar we are experiencing uncomfortable seas from an easterly wind pushing against a counter current from the Strait. Our last noon-to-noon run was 96 nm.


Left Melilla

We are sailing westwards again. Whether we stop in Gibraltar, Ceuta, or the Canaries depends on the wind again.


Amateur radio aboard Pitufa

On Pitufa we have a ham radio station that consists of a Yaesu FT-857 transceiver, an SCT PTC-II USB pactor modem with pactor 3 license, a CG 3000 automatic antenna tuner, and a 13m-long isolated segment of the back stay as antenna. The CG 3000 tuner is mounted on deck underneath the radar arch in a separate watertight box (see picture below). So it is… Continue reading »


Fascinating Melilla

Melilla is an ancient town, it’s origins go back to the Phoenicians and Punics. It has been Spanish since 1497, though it was besieged and threatened many times by its neighbouring peoples. Today it’s a melting pot of different cultures: Spanish, Berber, Jews, Hindus, African immigrants, etc. That shows in the colourful traditional clothing, shops and cuisine. The prices are very low, so we’ve already… Continue reading »


Reached Melilla

When we left Cagliari on Sardinia, we were not quite sure where we would sail next. We considered the Balearic Islands and the mainland of Spain. Also, we were not fully provisioned for a longer passage because we had to wait out the Mistral that was blowing with up to 40 kn while at anchor in Cagliari with the dinghi already deflated and tied down… Continue reading »


What a shitty day…

… not sailing-wise, though, we are making good progress. However, a clogged toilet can ruin a day.



In the Med you usually get no wind or too much of it. At the moment we have quite a lot and Pitufa is on her way west, a bit rough though.


Position Report

Finally favourable easterly winds have arrived and we’re making good progress.


Through the Med

We left Sardinia on Wednesday with a promising weather forecast after we had to wait out a northwesterly gale that lasted for several days in Cagliary, but unfortunately, the wind died down soon (as usually…) and left us in a high swell, so we had to motor for the entire Thursday. Now we are waiting 60 nm off the coast of Algeria for an easterly… Continue reading »



Sardinia is great for daysailing. Today we’ve stopped by in Cagliari. Connected to someone’s home internet while waiting for the laundry to finish… Tomorrow some sightseeing.


New Photo Galleries

We’ve just uploaded new photos: a mini gallery with photos from Dubrovnik and the passage to Sicily and a larger one from Sicily.


Mini photo gallery


Sailing to Sardinia

Today we reached the southern tip of Sardinia after 175 nautical miles and 3 days. This leg has been quite nice, but it’s weird how Pitufa’s movements seem to be connected directly to the crew’s mood. Pitufa rolls in high seas while the wind dies down: crew frustrated—why are we doing this? Pitufa stays motionless and becalmed: Crew bored—we’ll never make it through the Med… Continue reading »


Exploring Ustica

We’ve taken a few days off at the lovely island of Ustica. It’s really worth a visit! Beautiful coast, lush vegetation, friendly people, laid-back atmosphere. We’ve done some diving, walked around the island and thoroughly enjoyed the entire stay. We’ll add some pictures soon. Tomorrow we’ll head towards Sardinia.