Last Saturday we moved into our little house and at dusk we discovered that life takes place on different levels. At seven o’clock the rooster and his harem of a dozen hens fly up into the tree in front of the house and have quite a row while settling onto the best branches. They clearly live on the highest level here. Inside the house we… Continue reading »


On the barrier reef

Initially we wanted to move into our little house today, but when we saw the weather forecast this morning: completely calm, burning hot and sunny. Certainly not the right weather for a sweaty work day ashore, but perfect to spend the day in an unprotected anchorage. Spontaneously we decided to motor to the southwestern corner of the archipelago, where the satellite images promised some sandy… Continue reading »


It’s been a while

Remember how we always raved over the cute, mostly empty village on Taravai? Well, now there’s four inhabited houses on Taravai instead of three. After waving goodbye to Birgit’s Mom on the tiny airport yesterday noon, we sailed to the village anchorage and took inventory of our new little land base for the next few months. To be honest it’s more a hut than a… Continue reading »


Back to Tauna

We’ve sailed back to the little motu Tauna to enjoy some more swimming, snorkeling, diving and beach walking (the shells here are just irresistable ) Birgit’s mom’s enjoying her last few days here, the flight back’s going to be long and strenuous (Gambier-Tahiti-L.A.-Paris-Vienna…) Despite the warm weather a virus is going around bringing joint ache, fever, a sore throat and a runny nose to its… Continue reading »


Lots of luck in the new year!

There’s only one house on the little island Agakauitai right next to Taravai. Last time we were there only the three little piggies lived there. We were quite surprised to find additional 7 piglets this time. Yesterday we saw from the boat as the whole family took off for a walk on the beach. Quickly we raced there by dinghy. Instead of disappearing into the… Continue reading »


Article on the Darién in All-At-Sea magazine

Birgit Hackl: The Darién–In the wake of discoverers and pirates, All At Sea Caribbean, January 2014, p. 80–84. Free download from allatsea.net.