Hiva Oa

We had a pleasant sail down to the southern group of the Marquesas and reached Hiva Oa yesterday. We are anchored for the first time behind the breakwater of Atuona’s harbour, where it’s nice and calm (with a stern anchor). The water is very murky in here, so today we took the dinghy out for a rough ride into the clear ocean water outside. We… Continue reading »


House to let in the Gambier Islands

Our friends Valerie and Herve will spend some time in Tahiti and are therefore looking for someone to rent their pretty little house on Taravai (the second biggest of the Gambier Islands, French Polynesia) between March and July 2016. The house comes with a beautiful garden full of tropical fruit, a white sand beach and a calm and protected anchorage just in front of the… Continue reading »


The next article of our cruising series in Ocean7

Birgit Hackl, Christian Feldbauer: Basteln im Türkis, OCEAN7 02 (März/April) 2016, p. 40–43.


New Article in All-at-Sea Caribbean

Birgit Hackl: A Cruiser’s Toolbox, All At Sea Caribbean, February 2016, p. 38–40. Free download from allatsea.net.


Travelling by mail coach

…or at least with a modern version of it We hadn’t made it to the central part of the northern coast yet (the anchorages are open and difficult by boat and there’s hardly any traffic going up there so no point in hoping to hitch a ride), but reading the guides about this rugged piece of coastal line we were eager to get there. Yesterday… Continue reading »



We’re still in Nuku Hiva, waiting for the cyclone season to cool down. The latest predictions suggest that another cluster of cyclones will hit the South Pacific mid February and we hope to leave the Marquesas after that to spend the rest of the season in the Gambier. In the meantime we’ve settled in in the bay of Hakahaa off the friendly village Taipivai. This… Continue reading »