Visitors coming

We’re still in Prickly Bay (Grenada) installing newly acquired gadgets. Today we bought yet another inverter–this ends a 3 month power-tool-free period on Pitufa (even though we managed to do all kinds of repairs during that time using manual drills, manual saws, etc. we even managed to solder by heating up the soldering iron on a blow torch ). Additionally we’re doing a thorough spring-clean,… Continue reading »



We reached Grenada yesterday after a wonderfully comfortable night sail with light winds and calm seas. We were quite shocked by our first impression of Prickly Bay in the South of Grenada–more than a hundred yachts in one bay… We found a quiet spot though, went to the big chandlery and spent a whole month of our budget on presents for Pitufa


The liferaft is back!

We’ve spent the last 2 weeks waiting for our liferaft (remember our encounter with the fishing boat in Suriname?) to be serviced. We had to ship it to Trinidad for that and it disappeared unaccountably on the way for a week, which left us quite worried and stuck in the rolly anchorage in Store Bay. Today it finally got back from the service station, so… Continue reading »


Photos of Tobago

We updated our photo album today and added a gallery of Tobago.


Store Bay, Tobago

We arrived last weekend in this popular anchorage in the southwestern corner of Tobago. Even though the pilot calls it “protected and calm” we’ve been rolling and pitching just like in the other spots. According to the locals the weather is extraordinarily rough and rainy for this time of the year. We like Tobago, but it doesn’t seem to like us… Yesterday we made a… Continue reading »


Englishman’s Bay

We spent another few days in Charlotteville, but it was pouring down most of the time and on a boat constant rain is really tedious. You cannot open any hatches, the battery is drained when the solar panels don’t work, etc. When it finally cleared up we sailed a few miles further to Englishman’s Bay. This bay looks like on a postcard: a golden beach,… Continue reading »