Article on Suriname in All-At-Sea Magazine

The All At Sea Caribbean magazine has published our article about Suriname in the current (August 2012) issue. Those of you who happen to be around in the Caribbean can grab the magazine for free at chandleries, marinas, etc. It can also be downloaded for free from the All At Sea webpage (or just click here). Birgit Hackl, Christian Feldbauer: Suriname… Continue reading »


Pics from Los Monjes

Here is a mini gallery of the Monjes:


Photos of Curacao

Better late than never, we’ve just uploaded some pics of Curacao.


Pitufa en Colombia!

After visiting some islands in the southern Caribbean between February and July (Tobago, Grenada, Bonaire and Curacao, we’ve now left the “beaten tracks” again and have reached Latin America. Colombia used to have a bad reputation, but now traveling is supposed to be safe. Cruising Colombia means lots of bureaucracy (instead of checking in yourself you need an “agent” to deal with authorities), but the… Continue reading »


Cartagena, Colombia

This morning we reached Cartagena–Pitufa’s first anchorage between skyscrapers!


On the way to Cartagena

We passed near the Five Bays north of St. Marta this morning, but decided against stopping because of a favorable weather forecast for today. There is less wind now, so we’ve slowed down a bit. A group of dolphins is taking a joyride on Pitufa’s bow wave, sitting under deck writing this blog entry we can hear them whistling We havn’t seen dolphins for ages.


Cabo de Vela

Yesterday we started out at dawn from the tiny island “Monjes del Sur” and managed the 85 sea miles around the northern cape of Colombia in only 12 hours. Either the cape is better than its reputation or our timing was perfect–we had a wonderful sailing day with 20 to 25 knots of wind and moderate waves (depending on the ground between dark blue and… Continue reading »


Los Monjes

The “los Monjes” archipelago off the Colombian coast looks like some rocks from the moon fallen into the Atlantic… There’s only a small military station on these tiny, white rocks, which offer no protection from the howling wind and no anchorage. We have tied to a line that is spanned across an artificial bay. 4 people from the coast guard welcomed us to the station… Continue reading »


Off to Colombia

We’ve spent the last “florines” in Willemstad, tidied the boat, said good-bye to our friends (that’s the sad side of the cruising life: many of the friends we make sail into other directions…) and will get up the anchor in one hour. The weather forecast looks ok, if it gets too rough we can still anchor in some safe spots along the way


Anchoring games

We spent the last 3 weeks in a little side bay of Spanish waters that is quite protected from wind and swell, but experiences gusts from unpredictable directions, so most boats have either a stern anchor, or a line ashore to keep them from swinging against each other or the shore. While our engine didn’t work we had 3 anchors out which kept us in… Continue reading »


Waiting for the “weather window”

Incredible, but we’re still in Curacao. The expected 2 weeks have already turned into 5, but at least we’ve finished all repairs and maintenance jobs on the engine. We’re theoretically ready to leave, as soon as the weather allows it. Sailing down to Cartagena is a bit tricky, because the cape in the north of Columbia (Cabo de Vela) is infamous for strong winds and… Continue reading »


Engine’s running again

After getting all the love and attention it had obviously missed, our Yanmar is now happily purring again (even the turbo works…). We’re now finishing some minor works, waiting for fair winds and getting in touch with “agentes” in Colombia (that sounds more exciting than it is. These agents don’t have the licence to kill, but the licence to speak to the harbour master to… Continue reading »