Today we took the dinghy out to explore some of the motus along the western side of the atoll. At high tide in calm conditions (like now, when there’s hardly any swell from the south or north) it’s easy to paddle the dinghy up the shelf of the outer reef and then on in the shallow water to the motu behind. They are all different:… Continue reading »


Brown Boobies

If you’re young and you’re hip and you happen to be an adolescent brown booby living on Car o line Island, there’s a new cool place to hang out: Pitufa! This morning when the cat and I climbed up the companionway there were two adolescent brown boobies (clearly recongnizable in their dark-brown feathers) sitting on the solar panel, ogling us suspiciously. They flew away when… Continue reading »



At noon we reached the southern tip of Car o line Island after a rough and swift sail. In the shade of the island conditions calmed down immediately which seemed ideal to deal with some repairs. It took us 6 attempts with 2 different anchors (we didn’t want to use our good main anchor fearing we might lose it) until we were finally safely anchored.… Continue reading »


Fast sailing

The wind stays steady and much stronger than expected, so we’re making daily runs of 140 nm.


More wind

After a gentle start (so nice to make 5 kn boatspeed with the new antifouling in only 10 kn of wind on the beam…) we’re back to our usual boisterous conditions despite a light-wind forecast.


Leaving French Polynesia

We’ve cleared out, the boat’s ready, the forecast looks like nice light-wind sailing, so we’ll set out from Raiatea in a few hours. It feels strange to leave French Polynesia, but then we know that we’ll come back towards the end of the year


Exploring the Cook Islands

During this southern winter we plan to sail first up north to visit Tongareva/Penrhyn (Cook Islands) and then we want to hop slowly southwards through the Cook Islands chain. By November we want to back in French Polynesia!


Happy birthday Leeloo!

Our little girlie turns 18 sometime in July, but we neither have to worry about university choices nor driving licenses… Instead we have to tend to the geriatric needs (special diet food, soft landing areas underneath companion way and sofa that go easy on the back, etc.) of our aging ship’s cat. We wish you many more happy years, Leeloo!



After all the working time first in Tahiti and then in the Carenage we’re taking a few days off. We’re still feeling a bit sore, bruised and generally knackered, but a visit to a local chiropractor worked wonders. When we splashed Pitufa was shiny on the outside, but still covered in dust and quite chaotic inside, so we’ve been trying to get some normality back… Continue reading »


Busy pics

Here are some impressions of the busy times we had in Tahiti and Raiatea and of course some pics of Pitufa in her new look: