A twice as happy new year to all of you!

The passage has started okay, even though it’s a bit cool and rainy. Pitufa’s wings (2 headsails boomed out on the left and right) pull us steadily over the grey wave mountains. To make up for the weather we can celebrate the coming of the new year twice: we simply turn back the clock one hour (an adjustment to the time zones was due anyway).… Continue reading »


Crossing the Atlantic

The weather forecast looks good, the trade wind is stable, all lockers are de-rattled, everything on the boat checked twice and we’re mentally prepared for our first really big jump: Atlantic we’re coming!


Photo Gallery of Brava

We’re still anchored in the same bay, all kinds of algae and barnacles are even starting to grow on the line ashore , but somehow we cannot find a reason to leave a place where turtles paddle around the boat, seabirds fish 5 metres away, the local fishermen offer the daily catch, more hiking trails wait to be discovered, etc. Here you can see… Continue reading »


Cape Verdes: Another photo gallery uploaded

We have uploaded yet another photo gallery of the Cape Verdes. This one shows the islands of Santa Luzia, Sao Vicente and Santo Antao. Photos of Brava will come soon.


Brava, a hiker’s delight

Brava is a tiny island on a map. When hiking up the mountains, it suddenly seems higher than wide Yesterday we walked up the valley from Faja d’Agua to the mountainous interior. There are no dedicated hiking trails, rather partially cobbled foot/donkey paths connecting villages. So it’s quite usual when walking in the middle of nowhere to meet children on their way to school, housewives… Continue reading »


Lazy Sunday

We had a lazy day at home, enjoyed the clear water (particularly after being in Mindelo’s Porto Grande…) for snorkeling and the hot temperature. Last week we already complained about the chilly evenings (chilly meaning that we had to wear jackets in the evening


Faja de Agua, Ilha Brava

We’ve arrived on the most remote island of the Cape Verdes yesterday after yet another rough passage. It took us one and a half days with 25 knots of winds on the beam (instead of the comfy 15-20 knots from astern as we had expected…). Little Brava is located in the very west of the southern chain of islands and it is the least visited… Continue reading »


Article on Ustica in Ocean7 magazine

Birgit Hackl, Christian Feldbauer: Ustica — Smaragd im Tyrrhenischen Meer, OCEAN7 06 2011. Read article (in German only)