Bat alarm

Last night at 3 o’clock Leeloo woke us with her triumphant howling announcing a successfull hunt. I reluctantly got up to check what she had, when I lifted her up she let go of the black shape in her mouth, who fluttered excitedly into the aft cabin–a bat. I opened the hatch, but the poor guy desperately flew round and round without ever looking up… Continue reading »


Where’s the yellow thing–what was it called again??

It’s been raining constantly since Monday, the longest “dry spells” lasted about half an hour. As soon as the rain stops or eases up a bit dinghies start buzzing over the bay full speed in order to get to the village or back without getting soaked. We stayed under deck for three days, only venturing out to dry off the cockpit occasionally and to fill… Continue reading »


Busy days for los pitufos

At the moment the days are just not long enough for all the things we’re trying to do at the same time, so we completely forgot writing on our blogsite. We’re spending most mornings at the “office” (Captain Jack’s Bar where we have i-net) researching all kinds of electronic devices, because we’ll have to replace the GPS and radar that have been dodgy after lightning… Continue reading »


Good bye Kuna Yala

After 2 months in the San Blas Islands we sailed with a decent wind to mainland Panama. After spending so much time away from civilisation (the last car we saw was in Cartagena…) we’ll have to adjust and then start organising: we have to arrange a transit through the canal, get spare parts, repair things, etc. in order to prepare for the Pacific!


Sailing again

Today, for the first time since we’ve arrived in Panama, we sailed again, i.e., that kind of sailing with sails hoisted and wind to fill them The trip was not very long though, but including the difficulties we had in the morning with our chain fouled at the bottom and the two anchering manoeuvres at Isla Porvenir (the first spot was too tight) it was… Continue reading »


Chichime Cays

The rain stopped, the sun is out again, and we moved to another anchorage a few miles further to the West. We didn’t like the actual anchorage here since is was filled already with 17 (!) other yachts so we simply dropped anchor south of the bigger island of the Chichime Cays. We don’t like to imagine what it’s like in high season in these… Continue reading »


Sox on the beach

The last three days it’s been pouring down, the grey and dark weather reminds us of typical all saints day weather in Austria (fortunately it’s warmer). Rainy weather on the boat is annoying, because when being confined inside it would make sense to work on the computer or do jobs on the sewing machine, but without sun the solar panels don’t charge the batteries so… Continue reading »