Half the distance done

After a quick start we got into funky weather yesterday. The sailing’s been quite varied, with wind shifts, squalls, rain and lots of work with the sails. We even had the chance to experience a calm period with still standing high waves–real fun being tossed around with flapping sails and without the temptation to just turn on the engine and motor for a few hours,… Continue reading »


Bombs in Paradise

We’ve been lucky with the weather so far and are making good progress. Also fishing was good: we caught a Yellowfin Tuna yesterday, i.e. tuna for breakfast, lunch, supper and for Leeloo of course. Today we passed Mururoa, the atoll where the French did nuclear tests until the 90s. The low lying atoll became visible when it was just a few miles S of us.… Continue reading »


On the way to Tahiti

The weather report changed completely yesterday, so instead of having some more quiet days in Onemea we decided to head out today. Our friends who had agreed to tow us out couldn’t come at such short notice, but the crew of an American catamaran who had just anchored next to us the evening before didn’t hesitate helping us and at 10 o’clock this morning they… Continue reading »



We’re still in the little bay Onemea, waiting for the packet from Tahiti to arrive. During the strong easterly wind last week it was quite busy here, as 4 other boats huddled in to seek shelter in our protected bay. There was quite some socialising going on with dinner invitations and even a small beach party, just what we needed to take our minds off… Continue reading »


Change of plans…

During the year we’ve spent here, we saw lots of boats coming in with damages after the passage, had friends waiting here for ages for spare parts, got news from leaving boats who had to limp to Tahiti with broken rudders/masts/etc. We always counted ourselves lucky as Pitufa seemed immune to such mishaps, but now we’ve had bad luck ourselves: on the way to our… Continue reading »


New photo album: Motu Kouaku


Witch’s cauldron

We are enjoying our remote anchorage at the Motu Kouaku even though a weak front passed over us yesterday. There was not much wind nor rain, but the wind direction clocked around, as predicted, a full turn during 24 hours. As our anchorage provides protection only from the South and East, we’ve got quite some chop from the North and then from the West. It… Continue reading »