We had a quick smooth sail to beautiful Korcula, but the anchorage here requires strong nerves – like the parking lot of a shopping centre one day before xmas…


A busy day

Yesterday we decided to drop the anchor after only 16nm in a lovely bay on Scedro we had visited two yars ago. We are not the only ones here this time though. Nevertheless we stayed another day. Today we were busy with all sorts of things


Rough ride

Today we made 40 nm in 6 hours, but even though we were running downwind it was quite uncomfy with gusts of 35 kn and we were glad to find a sheltered bay on Hvar.



Instead of going out for dinner in lovely Primosten as planned, we had to keep anchor watch because of NE gusts of over 30kn. During the night most of the boats in the bay dragged their anchors (bad holding ground) and one of them almost rammed us. Pitufa’s anchor held well.


New photo gallery

I’ve just uploaded pictures form the first two weeks of our journey. See here.


Our first two weeks

Today’s blog entry is going to be a lot longer than the last ones, because we’ve reached our first city with internet-cafe’s since our departure from Pula. After a week in idyllic anchorages in lonely bays and next to tiny islets, Pitufa is anchored in the bay facing the historic centre of Primosten. It was about time to return to civilisation as we’ve run out… Continue reading »


Becalmed again

Day started with good winds for our SE course. Those faded away after only 12 nm and we were becalmed again. Dropped anchor at another lovely place. Lentil curry for dinner.


Still no wind

Again not much progress today. Still near the Kornati archipelago. Found another lovely anchorage for tonight. Prosecco with peaches as sundowner.


Wonderland, but no wind…

Our progress today was only 7nm. The super-stable high-pressure field brings superb weather, though not really for sailing. Dropped anchor at another beautyful spot close to Kornati.


A lazy day

We started early in the morning to make some progress (and to avoid the charge for the buoy). Got becalmed at a perfect spot and anchored. It would be a shame to rush by these scenic places anyway.


A garden in the sea

The islands along Dugi Otok form a fantastic sea garden. We enjoyed a lovely sailing day, although we were becalmed a couple of times between the islands. Two dolphins accompanied us for a while. Tied up at a buoy at Otok Rava for the night.


Cruiser’s routine

Winds from SE (where we want to go) keep us in the protected bay of Ist and give us the time to have a go at cruiser’s routine tasks of boat maintenance (C working on electronics, I sewing a spray dodger, Leeloo sunbathing), just right to get into the mood


Lovely idyllic Ist

We accomplished incredible 12nm in 7 hours today… We are staying in Ist tonight, a butterfly-shaped island without cars and totally laid back. For sunset we walked up the hill to the church, what started at a leisurly pace turned into a race against time, but we made it.


Pretty little Ilovic

After sailing at less than 2kn down the coast of losinj, we`ve decided to make a stop at Ilovic and to explore the little island with its picturesque village in the afternoon. sunny skies, green water and AC/DC from a tourist boat


Legal again

after being forced to leave CRO in order to get our diving compressor while in Pula, we got back our legal status today. not an easy task in Mali Losinj. No space for docking, weird office hours, customs and harbour master at opposite ends of town…

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