When to go where in French Polynesia

French Polynesia is a wide-spread and diverse cruising area. To make most of the different archipelagos it is essential to pick the right time. We’ve put together info on when to go where in French Polynesia here.


Pleasant boat routine

We have finally settled back into the pleasant daily routine of boat life in a quiet anchorage. The Tahitian winter weather with hot sun, but crisp air is quite invigorating and we use our high level of energy to get jobs on the boat done and to explore beautiful Moorea. In the past few days we’ve reinstalled the deck light, made some adjustments to our… Continue reading »


Catamaran for sale in Moorea (Tahiti’s sister island)

Our friends Liesbet and Mark have decided to quit cruising and their catamaran is waiting for buyers here in the little marina of Vaiare. We’ve met Liesbet here (Mark’s already in the US) who has the sad task of selling/giving away all their personal things that won’t fit into the airplane luggage (23 kg is quite a painful limit…). If you always wanted to cruise… Continue reading »


Smurf reunion

I got back on Friday after an exhausting journey (31 hours from door to door…) enjoyed quite a jet-lag in the bouncy, uncomfy Marina Taina (seasick medicine in the anchorage, hurray!) and on Sunday we moved on to the much calmer and nicer anchorage off Arue. From there we ran some errands on Monday and today we left busy Papeete behind us, to sail the… Continue reading »


Anchor windlass overhaul

When we were about to lift the anchor to leave Raivavae two weeks ago, our anchor winch stopped working and I had to crank up the chain manually. But with Tahiti as the next stop, the moment our windlass had decided to quit was actually not so bad. With the help of a good friend here in the anchorage off Marina Taina I took the… Continue reading »


Snotty Pitufina

I had barely touched European ground when I met the fate of all happy, innocent, tropical islanders when they are exposed to nasty civilised viruses–I fell ill. At least I got away with a sore throat and a snotty nose and I hope to recover soon (unlike so many fellow islanders in the past…).


Visit to Austria

After almost 4 years of boat life I flew to Austria yesterday morning local time Tahiti, so evening UTC or was it the day before yesterday(?)–the time zones got me all confused, at least I didn’t have to change the time on the watch thanks to 12 hours time difference Anyway, it took us 2 years to sail to French Polynesia and only 26 hours… Continue reading »