Pitufa without an engine

We’re still in Spanish waters, but now without a working engine (vital parts of it are at the mechanic being cleaned etc.). The little bay we’re in is fairly protected from the wind that constantly howls over Curacao, but we still get unpredictable, strong gusts from different directions, so we’ve brought out 3 anchors to be on the safe side… Another disadvantage of our little… Continue reading »


Engine service

The mixing elbow on our engine has been leaking for a while, so we seized a chance to get it repaired here in Spanish Waters on Curacao. Additionally, since it may become more difficult at our next, more remote stops, we even organized to get a proper engine overhaul. Unfortunately the mechanics are busy until mid of next week, so we have to stay in… Continue reading »


Review: WiFi antenna “BAD BOY Xtreme”

Long-range WiFi antenna “BAD BOY Xtreme” (bitstorm inc., www.bitstorm.com) We bought a BAD BOY Xtreme three months ago and have had it in use almost permanently since then. We haven’t installed it permanently (yet), but only hoist it with a halyard about 10 m high and take it down for passages. Short description The BAD BOY Xtreme consists of a high-gain antenna directly attached to… Continue reading »


Article on Cape Verdes in Ocean7 May/June

We’ve just got the confirmation that our article on the Cape Verdes has been published in the latest Ocean7 magazine (unfortunately available in Austria and Germany only). We’re still in Curacao working on maintenance, repairs, translations and more articles Birgit Hackl, Christian Feldbauer: Kapverden — mehr als nur ein Zwischenstopp, OCEAN7 03 (May/June) 2012, p. 16–27. download PDFContinue reading »


One year of cruising in numbers

Today, June 11th, is an anniversary for us. Exactly one year ago we set sail towards the horizon. Browsing through our log book of this first year reveals some interesting numbers: 6746 nautical miles. 120 days at sea, of which 49 daysails. 9 countries. 65 anchorages. 36 islands. 15 days in a marina. 21 days on the hard. 406 engine hours. 638 litres of diesel.… Continue reading »


Colourful Curacao

Yesterday’s sail to Curacao was a bit rough, but only took 6 hours with Pitufa making around 7 knots all the time (still slow for a bicycle, but horrendous speed for us). The waves were also building up and actually rushing along Curacao’s (supposedly leeward) east coast. We were headed for “Spanish Water”, a very protected anchorage, and we could see it clearly on the… Continue reading »


Last day on Bonaire

During the last few days we fell into a nice routine: I worked on my translations in the morning, while Christian did maintenance jobs on Pitufa. In the afternoon we packed our dive gear into the dinghi and explored the dive sites in the vicinity. With the wind blowing between 20 and 25 knots (gusting up to 30) we didn’t dare taking our small dinghi… Continue reading »