Yesterday we moved further south into the ‘duck’s breast’ and found a pretty anchorage in front of two uninhabited motus. This morning we were contemplating the weather predictions, trying to decide whether the predicted easterly winds would be strong enough and last long enough to take us the 175 miles to Amanu. In the end we decided to stay here and do a boat project… Continue reading »


In the duck’s beak

We were first eager to get away from Makemo after we’d done all the shopping, as the village anchorage lacks protection and privacy, the water inside the lagoon’s a bit murky and navigation’s really tricky with tons of little bastard-bommies that are hardly visible (no turquoise sand to mark them, just dark coral coming up). But the north-easterlies obviously haven’t looked up the wind statistics… Continue reading »


Shopping Frenzy

We reached the village of Makemo the day before yesterday, unfortunately we had to motor all the 25 nm over the reef-dotted lagoon (much worse than Tahanea) as the wind was southeasterly all the time, so just where we had to go. The anchorage in front of the village is a bit of a witches cauldron with cross seas and funny effects from the pass.… Continue reading »


At last, our photos of Tahanea!



Surprise, suprise, after postponing the departure from Tahanea (or should I say Smurf Island?) so often, that we didn’t really believe anymore we’d actually leave at some point , we used a perfect looking weather window (light breeze from the southeast with calm seas) to sail out yesterday. Of course the passage wasn’t as easy as expected, instead of gliding majestically under full sails on… Continue reading »



I know it must sound ridiculous, but at the moment we’re faced with more decisions than a stressed out stock broker. We were trying to find a weather window for our next destination Makemo which lies just 60 miles northeast of here (or 75 to the other pass, or 100 going round the western side). We spent hours pondering different options looking at grib files… Continue reading »