Extreme sports on Pitufa

Usually we’re not much into sports, but last week we discovered a new exciting adrenaline sport and now we’re really hooked up. Play almost every day, fall into bed exhausted each evening, wake up with sore muscles, just to play another round of “extreme provisioning triathlon”. The rules are quite simple: The game starts early in the morning. The players warm up by taking several… Continue reading »


Shopping frenzy

We’ve spent the past few days in a provisioning frenzy: a tour to a cheap supermarket, another one to a hardwarestore (who has ever spent 5 hours in a hardwarestore??), yet another one to a more sophisticated supermarket–each trip took us a full day, first searching for the right bus, then waiting endlessly for a taxi and in the end shipping all the bags half… Continue reading »



We’ve had quite an eventful week with my Dad, visited the old town centre, sailed over to Taboga and back, took a “Diablo Rojo” (a local bus, crammed full with people loud music hammering down) to the 16th century ruins of Panama viejo as an adventure trip, visited the Miraflores locks and took a walk in the Parque natural metropolitano. Today my Dad flies back… Continue reading »


Another visitor aboard Pitufa

We finished all our electronics projects in time before my father arrived last Tuesday. Since then we’ve been doing touristy things (sightseeing in the casco viejo, strolling through town)–nice after two weeks of constant work. Unfortunately the sea is very murky at the moment, lots of tiny creatures are around, sometimes bright red clouds drift through, at night they fluoresce spectacularly like bright turquoise fireworks… Continue reading »


Lots of work on Pitufa

We already got back to Panama last Thursday, but couldn’t even find the time to write a blog in the meantime. After we got struck by lightning in the San Blas in October we have to replace most of the outdoor electronic equipment (the insurance paid without any problems). So we got a huge packet with radar, GPS, etc. sent from the US and have… Continue reading »