Moorea photo gallery updated

We’ve just added a few more pics to the Moorea gallery.


Back to Tahiti

This visit to Moorea was less sporty than planned, because it poured down during the first week and the rain turned the footpaths into red-dirt-mudslides–no good for hiking. When the weather turned sunny we tackled the highest summit on the northern coast, Mt. Rotui, but the descent turned out to be too steep, slippery and hot for us (only shrubs and ferns grow on the… Continue reading »


Photos of Moorea


Back to Moorea

A couple of days ago we sailed back to Moorea. Now we are anchored in the turquoise waters behind the outer reef west of Opunohu pass. Today we went swimming with sting rays and black-tip reef sharks. Off the Hilton hotel towards a sand bank they attract them with food and we joined this (slightly questionable) spactacle.


Second part of our Gambier article in Ocean7 magazine

Birgit Hackl, Christian Feldbauer: Iles Gambier — Südseeparadies am Rande der Tropen. Teil 2, OCEAN7 05 (September/October) 2014, p. 24–29. download PDF (in German only)


3 years of cruising!

Time flies by and today we celebrate another cruising anniversary: we’ve already spent 3 years cruising the world on our floating home and we still haven’t grown tired of it This year’s statistics don’t look as spectacular as the last ones, as we’ve ‘only’ been around French Polynesia: Visited country: 1 Islands: 11 Nautical miles: about 3000 Days on passage: 30 Expenses: EUR 18,680, of… Continue reading »


Back in Tahiti

… means back to work. Yesterday we spent the day working on someday elses boat for a change. A Swiss couple who stop cruising and have their boat shipped back to Europe asked us to help with the packing, taking rigg off, wrapping up the boat, etc. Now their boat is standing in the container terminal waiting for the ship and they’re already on the… Continue reading »


Hiking with surprise effect

Hiking with surprise effect After finishing the watermaker project (we produce potable water again!!), we did some more hiking on Moorea. There are many paths all over the island, clearly marked, well kept, but lacking one essential feature: signs that reveal the destination of a path. The descriptions in the tourist brochure are also vague and we suspect that tourists are encouraged to do something… Continue reading »