Photos of our 5th Gambier visit


Getting started in Tahiti

We arrived last night at Pt. Venus, were invited for pancakes this morning on SY L’avenir (thanks a lot!!), sailed down to Marina Taina at noon, had our new gennaker delivered in the afternoon (incredible, only 4 days after it was sent from Hongkong…), did some provisioning afterwards, organised a propeller repair for next week and reserved a rental car (it took us 1.5 hours… Continue reading »


Steady progress

We are steadily sailing along. Because we’re sailing downwind, Pitufa rolls quite a bit, even though the waves aren’t that high. Still no fish, but we have two lures out. If the conditions remain like this, we should reach Tahiti tomorrow evening. Fortunately the anchorage behind the northern cape of Pt. Venus is wide open, so we don’t have to worry about pass times or… Continue reading »


Yes, no, maybe, why not…

It turned out our decision to stay was a wise one–another boat who did set out had squalls with 40 knots… This morning it was still squally, but according to the forecast we’d have to leave or get fickle winds on Wednesday (which was supposed to be a good day to leave…). We wrangled a bit with the pros and cons, but in the end… Continue reading »


Postponed departure

This morning we were ready to leave, but then we got the latest weather forecast and started to struggle with the decision: instead of steady winds we’d have a squally night followed by light winds for a day… In the end we decided to stay for another two days and set out with hopefully more settled weather on Wednesday. In the meantime we’ve sailed down… Continue reading »


Good-bye Tahanea

Today we are getting Pitufa into passage-mode–always an tedious job after an extended period in a lagoon. Big jobs like washing and storing the kayak, getting the dinghy on deck and preparing poles for a downwind-course are obvious, but there’s dozens of other tiny chores like declattering cupboards, baking bread, baking cake as a passage-treat, wiping the floors, (we sleep on a mattress on the… Continue reading »



We have moved on to the westernmost anchorage on the southside of Tahanea to check out the last of the three bird-motu clusters. Fortunately this spot remains untouched, boobies are circling the two little motus and preparing for the next nesting season. Only few palmtrees grow here, so apparently they weren’t worth making copra here. A long white sand-bank stretches out from the motu towards… Continue reading »