Pleasant sail

We’re gliding along in steady conditions and haven’t touched the sails since yesterday–lazy sailing as we like it 200 nm done, 300 to go to Kauehi!


Sailing westwards!

The cyclone season’s coming to an end, the grib files predict a breeze, Pitufa’s ready (and we’ve been ready for quite a while), so we set sail towards Tahiti. We have enjoyed the fabulous hospitality of the Marquesians (Kou tau, vai ei nui!!), but 5 months of rolling in the open bays in the heat of summer was a very long time and we’re happy… Continue reading »


What goes around comes around

It seems the generosity of the Polynesian peoples rubs off on the cruiser’s society around here. It’s become a habit for us that wWhenever we get plenty of something we share with our neighbours and they do just the same (no matter if they’re old acquaintances or just arrived). Despite our lack of luck fishing around the Marquesas (just one tuna off Ua Huka…) we’ve… Continue reading »


Exciting Veggies

There is no veggie market here in Tahuata, but we get more fruit than we can handle from the locals anyway, that’s why we have banana smoothies several times a day, banana cake and a big tray of bananas drying in the sun on deck;-) Teii who lives in the little house in the bay of Hanatefau has lots of maniok and sweet potatoes and… Continue reading »


Haul-out facility in the Marquesas

The first haul-out facility of the Marquesas (in the harbour of Atuona, Hiva Oa) is soon going to start operating (April 2016). Vincent Roche, a young French pilot and mechanic who has lived in the Marquesas for the past 15 years, has organized a trailer capable of carrying keel vessels with a draft of up to 2 meters. He thinks he can deal with yachts… Continue reading »


Back in Tahuata

We haven’t written many blogs lately, as there simply haven’t been any news to report. We’re still in the Marquesas and still waiting for the cyclone season to pass. It looks as though the el Nino situation is cooling and calming down, but we have decided to abandon our plan of paying our beloved Gambier another visit. It’s already too late in the season to… Continue reading »