Ua Pou

This morning we got our two anchors up (what a muddy mess) and left the big and busy island Nuku Hiva. We had a pleasant sail southwards in light winds and calm seas down to the little island Ua Pou. We’re the only boat anchored on the western side in the bay of Vaiehu. All around us the waves are thundering against the cliffs, but… Continue reading »


Home sweet home

Christian went to a throat specialist in Tahiti, had a scan done and was declared healthy–quite a relief after a few weeks of worrying (especially after a friend who had had throat cancer told us he’d had the same symptoms…). We also used the chance of a visit in Papeete (the capital of French Polynesia) to buy 12 kilos of cat food in the gigantic… Continue reading »


Pitufa alone in Nuku Hiva and the Smurfs alone in Tahiti

Christian’s been worrying about a throat ache for a while, as there’s no specialist in Nuku Hiva available, we decided to fly to Tahiti to see a doctor there. We left on Monday, leaving Leeloo in charge of Pitufa and our friendly neighbours on SY Kril in charge of Leeloo. We were really lucky, as other cruiser friends (Fabio and Lisa on Amandla) had just… Continue reading »


Cruising info on the Gambier Islands, French Polynesia

Find our cruising info on the Gambier Islands under Destinations in the Menu or click here.


Pleasant Anaho

After a few days here in Anaho we can only agree with all the positive opinions we heard about this bay before coming here. It’s the most pleasant anchorage of Nuku Hiva: the water’s clearer than in the south (even though it’s still a bit murky), the sea’s calm in here, the beaches are almost mosquito-free and there’s a few lovely walks you can do… Continue reading »



Yesterday we hitchhiked from Taipivai over the mountains to the maintown Taiohae, because we still had some errants to run there and simply couldn’t be bothered to sail to the uncomfortable bay of Taiohae where we would have had to set a stern anchor again, etc. Instead we took the dinghy along the river to the village of Taipivai early in the morning, walked a… Continue reading »


Enjoying the calm bay

The Baie du Controleur isn’t as spectacular at first sight as other anchorages in the Marquesas, it is even murkier, but we like it. Again, we’re the only boat anchored here, only occasionally a local boat goes by on the way to the village. We simply enjoy being in a calm anchorage. Only after a few days here, we fully realised how much of our… Continue reading »


Easy daysailing?

Yesterday we left Hakatea to sail to Controleur Bay at the southeastern end of Nuku Hiva. What looked like a short distance on the chart (just 8 nm) turned into half a day of beating into the easterly trade wind that gets accelarated to about 20 to 25 knots along the coast with Pitufa stomping into short, choppy seas. After four hours and several tacks… Continue reading »


Fusion food

We love creative food and at the moment we’re experimenting with local produce in combination with goodies we’ve brought here in our deepest locker, like e.g. canned beans (‘Kaeferbohnen’, big purple and black beans that are a speciality of Styria) that have sailed around half the world with us. Who would have thought that ‘Kaeferbohnen’ would go so well in a salad with steamed breadfruit?… Continue reading »