Another article of our cruising series in Ocean7 magazine

Birgit Hackl, Christian Feldbauer: Autark Cruisen, OCEAN7 03 (Mai/Juni) 2016, p. 36–40.


Busy program in Tahiti

Leeloo was a bit sickish in the Marquesas, she suffered from stomach aches and seemed generally unwell and because of her age we were worried about the condition of her kidneys and liver. In Tahiti we took her to an animal clinic for a check-up and the vet declared her in excellent condition for a 16 year old cat–we’ll just have to be extra careful… Continue reading »


Kauehi photos


Finally, some Marquesas photos!

Our internet connection is good enough for uploading photos again!


Article on Green Cruising

Birgit Hackl: Green Cruising, All At Sea Caribbean, April 2016, p. 56–58. Free download from allatsea.net.


Arrived in Tahiti!

The slowest (daily runs of 85 nm) and comfiest (all hatches open…) passages we’ve had in the Pacific so far ended today with Pitufa rushing along with 6 knots under a steady breeze to hold the gennaker up. We anchored just behind Point Venus in Matavai bay (famous for Ct. Cook’s first landfall in 1769 and infamous for Pitufa’s first landfall without a usable engine… Continue reading »


Slow going

Yesterday we had very light winds from the NE, we tried poling out the genoa left and right, put up the gennaker left and right, but for all that effort we just gained a few miles, but at least we managed to avoid motoring. During the night the wind picked up a bit again, but it’s still 100 nm to Tahiti.


Sailing to Tahiti

We reluctantly left beautiful Kauehi yesterday at noon, but the gribs had changed and it seemed our only chance for some wind was to leave immediately. Going through the pass was a bit exciting, as we had 5 knots of incoming current against us, but Pitufa kept steady in the eddies that tried to swirl her around. We’re sailing in very light winds downwind, but… Continue reading »


Stop-over in Kauehi

This morning we reached Kauehi after a very slow nightsail. We knew that the ingoing current would be strong, but the pass is so open and easy that we motored in without a problem. Kauehi’s lagoon is small and easy to navigate (almost no coral heads) and now Pitufa’s anchored off a southeastern motu on sandy patch–standing still like in a cradle ashore A turquoise… Continue reading »


Squally night

After 2 great sailing days we got into a squally area and spent the night grumblingly dealing with windshifts, calm periods, torrential rain and strong winds in between. This morning we were becalmed with flapping sails and in the end reluctantly turned the engine on. We left the fishing lure out despite the fact that any successful fisherman will tell you that slow motorsailing (3-4… Continue reading »