Photos of Aukena and Totegegie



After leaving Rikitea we briefly visited the low, long island of Totegegie. It’s just a part of the outer reef that sticks out of the water with some pines and palmtrees growing on half of it, the ocean crashes against the beach smashing the corals to pieces. The other half has been cleared to make way for the airstrip. Two days later we moved on… Continue reading »


Ready to explore again!

We got back to Rikitea last Monday, because the supply ship was due. It didn’t show up though until Wednesday, instead yet another cold front arrived, lowering temperatures to 15 degrees this time… We used the week to run some errants (each one involving several splashy dinghy rides in the icy wind), got more Kerosene for our stove, stocked up Diesel, traded some veggies from… Continue reading »


Baie Onemea, Taravai

Today we moved into the smaller and better wind-protected neighboring bay Onemea which we had explored by dinghy already. This bay is also uninhabited and even prettier than the last one. We found a palm tree short enough to reach the coconuts–so today’s sundowner was a coco-rum-banana cocktail. We call it coruba and we’ll have more of it soon!


Up the mountain!

We’re still in the Baie Angui on the little island of Taravai. It’s windy again, but at least we’re partly protected here (some gusts make it over the hills) and it’s been sunny for two days. We’ve learned that the weather changes so quickly here that one really has to take advantage of good weather to go snorkeling/hiking – if you try to finish a… Continue reading »


Our second cruising anniversary

Exactly two years ago we set out on our adventure from Croatia with the aim of reaching the South Pacific as quickly as possible–it took us two years in the end, but now we’re here We celebrated this special day with a picknick on a remote beach on the island of Taravai (Gambier, French Polynesia) with our friends from s/v Irie, contemplating how lucky we… Continue reading »


Underwater wonderworld Gambier

Today the long promised calm weather finally arrived, already in the morning the seas were mirrorlike calm, so we lifted the anchor (the chain was completely overgrown already after 3 weeks) and motored to the mountainous island Taravai in the west of the lagoon. At first there was still some cloud cover and even drizzle, visibility not so great for spotting reefs, but fortunately the… Continue reading »


Winterly Gambier

The weather report keeps promising warmer weather, but it never seems to actually arrive here. Winter’s coming here in the southern hemisphere and it feels like it. Yesterday I caught myself whistling ‘jingle bells’… When the sun’s out it’s hot, but the wind blowing from the south’s just icy cold. During the weekend we had constant wind around 25 knots, gusts up to 35 (that’s… Continue reading »


Polynesian Hospitality

We heard and read about the Polynesian hospitality before we came to the Gambier Islands and were curious, whether people would still be friendly and generous to strangers, or whether they were already fed up with too many tourists taking advantage of them. We were positively surprised how alive the Polynesian hospitality still is. Everybody passing on the street greets with a friendly smile, people… Continue reading »