Busy days in Tahiti

We’re slowly going through our list of projects, replaced the old, rusty engine mounts, cleaned engine and bilge thoroughly and finally got the stays from the rigger (incredible after a 3 month long battle). Now we’ve started to get the stays back up, a task that’s not made easier by the squally weather we’ve been having recently. We’ve stopped using the slow bus system and… Continue reading »


Back again in Tahiti

For the first time on our journey we’ve made miles towards the east. Up till now we mainly sailed with the prevailing trades westwards. There’s a saying “a gentleman never sails to windward”, but going back towards the Tuamotus and later on the Gambier should be worth some bashing close-hauled on the wind. We’ll just have to be patient and wait for rare southerly and… Continue reading »


New photo album: Raiatea and Tahaa


Hiking to the 3 cascades

The last few days it’s been sunny and calm, so we tried out some anchorages along the outer reef. Our system of floating the chain over the coral heads with 2 or 3 fenders work nicely in these spots. The barrier reef is great for swimming and we even found some coral heads with a few elk-horn and brain corals still alive. Yesterday we took… Continue reading »


Out and about again

The last two days the weather has been gorgeous, a cool breeze and azure blue skies, so we took our dinghy up Faaroa river, the only navigable river in French Polynesia. We passed through lush vegetation, lots of gardens with bananas, bread fruit, papaya, manioc, soursop, etc. A man waved us to his garden and we bought a big stack of bananas, got some papayas… Continue reading »


Dengue in Raiatea

Today we got a phone call from the hospital. The results for our dengue tests are definitely positive. The doctor told us that more cases from the carenage area had come up and advised us to warn our friends and fellow cruisers to be extra careful and use mosquito repellent at all times when going ashore. It’s been two weeks now since we got ill… Continue reading »


Getting better

Thanks a lot for all the good wishes–it really helps to know that we have people out there who care about us. We’re recovering, fever, headache and backache have left. The blood analysis has revealed quite shocking results for the liver parameters, which explains why we’re still very tired and feel a bit sickish. That should soon go away with a strict diet and lots… Continue reading »