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  • Whales!

    From July until November humpback whales migrate up to warm waters, where the females give birth in the protection of lagoons, undisturbed by large predators (and hopefully humans). During those months you can often see groups of whales near outer reefs, sometimes in passes or even anchorages. Due to the lock-down we haven’t moved much this year, so we’ve only had our first whale encounter… Continue reading »

  • Common sense

    French Polynesia has been in a lock-down now for 2 weeks. Low vaccination rates led to an explosion in cases after the delta variant arrived and really made this lock-down necessary. We fully agree that measures were needed to limit the spreading of Covid here. Yes, it makes sense to prohibit sports events and group activities where people gather. But why harass surfers and paddlers… Continue reading »

  • “On Velvet Paws Towards the Horizon” is now available as an e-book!!

    Those of ship’s cat Leeloo’s fans who are roaming remote places can now get the kindle version of her adventurous life. Usually internet is way too pricey here in Fr. Poly to tackle big uploads, but Vini (mobile phone provider) gave out lock-down data presents and I used it all up to create an e-book! Available now on Amazon

  • Article in Yachtrevue Magazine

    Birgit Hackl, Christian Feldbauer: Und ewig lockt der Horizont–Zehn Jahre unter Segeln, Yachtrevue, Sep. 2021, see teaser online.

  • Lockdown in Tahiti and the Societies

    With 2700 cases/100.000 inhabitants, swamped hospitals and full ICU units the government has finally announced a new lockdown for 2 weeks. It’s a bit vague though: people are still allowed to go to work or shopping (necessary things), the international borders remain open, inter-island travel is limited to people with “important reasons” (which is a broad term as any business reason or family reason counts).… Continue reading »

  • A book about our ship’s cat!

    Our Leeloo was part of Pitufa’s crew from day one of our journey and left a gaping, cat-shaped hole when she died. Now we share our memories of 21 years and lots of cute photos with you! “On Velvet Paws Towards the Horizon” contains many anecdotes and tips for sailing/traveling with cats. It’s available on Amazon! Because of the colour print it turned out more… Continue reading »

  • 4 m swell!

    We are anchored on a sandy shelf in a protected part of the lagoon of southern Tahiti. In front of us 4 m swell thunders against the outer reef in crazy avalanche-like looking barrels and behind us the deeper lagoon looks like a fast-flowing mountain river with eddies, whirlpools and standing waves… Pitufa gets swirled around by 3 knots of current, but we’re bouncing only… Continue reading »

  • Covid wave in French Polynesia

    489 new cases in the last 24 hours (with a population of only 270.000, 406 cases/100.000 in the last week), 1837 active cases and the ICU unit of the hospital in Papeete is full! During the first wave last year the numbers were low, then French Polynesia closed its borders and remained almost Covid-free for a long town. Now borders have been open again for… Continue reading »

  • Starting our sprayhood garden again!

    Usually we have a jungle under the sprayhood, but when we left the boat alone, we had to get rid of the plants. Now I’m replanting and soon we’ll harvest arugula, spring onions, mint, basil and cilantro again! The chilis and bellpeppers will need a few more months though

  • Another newspaper article (in German)

    This one’s in a small, regional newspaper, but they got all the facts right Thanks a lot to the Bezirksrundschau

  • Article in Austrian newspaper

    Another article about us was published in an Austrian newspaper today. The “Krone” is Austria’s most read newspaper, but has a reputation for bad research. The numerous errors in the article are not due to faulty answers in the interview from our side E.g. our dear princess Leeloo was not a tomcat, but very much of a girly cat. They advertise our books, but wrongly… Continue reading »

  • Exploring Tahiti for the first time

    To us Tahiti usually just means repairs, shopping, doctor’s appointments and rushing off again as quickly as possible. This year we have decided to linger a bit longer. It’s winter now anyway, the mara’amu (southeasterly wind) brings cold air and it’s the perfect time of the year to hang out in the Society Islands (too cold for snorkeling in the Tuamotus and waaay too cold… Continue reading »

  • Close Call

    Wherever the reefs have died around here, the rocks are covered in coarse turbinaria algae. A depressing sight. In such areas large, floating patches of those ugly plants cover the sea. They are a constant nuisance when the outboard sucks them in. Today they brought Pitufa close to a major catastrophe: We were motoring to a new anchorage inside the lagoon, when Christian noticed that… Continue reading »

  • A typical morning on Pitufa

    By 8 o’clock the laundry’s on the line… We’ve done some stretching and exercises… …had a morning swim… …with a few stingrays for company! In the meantime the bread is out of the pan and we can have breakfast. A perfect way to start the day! (We’ll spend most of it in front of our laptops, but that’s another story )

  • Rolly anchorages

    When you sleep in passage mode on the floor and the coffee pot needs to be clasped to the stove, you know it’s time to get out of the Marina Taina anchorage… The reef is not wide and high enough to protect the lagoon from high swell, so whenever the swell gets higher than 1.5 m (yesterday it was 2.5…) it gets seriously bouncy in… Continue reading »

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