Searching for the leak

When we were just outside the southern barrier reef outside the Gambier archipelago yesterday (all sails up, going 6 knots, 2 fishing lures out), suddenly the water alarm in the bilge went off. Rip out the floorboards–stick a finger in the brew–taste–freshwater–ooofff. So no immediate danger, but still not great to have the bilge full of water. We sailed up through the Southeastern barrier reef… Continue reading »



The day before yesterday the northwesterly died down and then the wind set in again from the east instead of the promised southeast, so we’ve been fighting as close-hauled as it gets to hold our course to the Gambier. A rough end to a pleasant passage–we should arrive early afternoon.



Usually we dread too little wind on passages, because that means rolling in confused seas and flapping seas. This time though, wind and seas gradually calmed down together, so this morning Pitufa is gliding over flat seas in only 8 knots of breeze. It’s sunny, no clouds in the sky and the sea has this peculiar shade of blue that is so dark it almost… Continue reading »


Northwesterly breeze

The northwesterly breeze keeps blowing us steadily on a comfy course towards the Gambier. Sunny skies, calm seas–we haven’t caught a fish yet, but apart from that this passage has been really perfect so far.


Comfy sailing

The wind has calmed down a bit, but we’re still sailing along with 4 knots, so we’re not complaining! 388 nm to go


Steady sailing

The wind is blowing steadily from the North, because a small low moves by west of us and has shifted the wind conveniently for us. 500 nm to go!


Leaving Rapa Iti

A weather window to sail to the Gambier has come up and we leave lovely Rapa Iti tonight. We are a bit sad, because we had such a great time here, but it’ll also be nice to sail towards warmer weather. 570 nm to go!


Photos of Rapa Iti


Better safe than sorry

The low passed by as quickly as predicted: yesterday morning we had 25 knots from the east (still calm waters even though the bay is open to the east), at noon 35 knots sustained (some chop built up, but nothing spectacular) and in the evening the wind turned southeast and calmed a bit down, but since then we’ve had gusts over the mountains, some up… Continue reading »


Preparing for a gale

Rapa’s a great little island with beautiful nature and wonderful people, but weather-wise it’s rather unfortunate… It’s located outside the tropics and also outside the trade-wind belt. Variable winds prevail the whole year round which makes it somewhat difficult for sailboats to visit. In July and August the temperatures go down to 10 degrees with winter storms battering the lonely little rock. The summer is… Continue reading »