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New Tattoo

Wherever you go in French Polynesia, almost everybody has tattoos. Their traditional symbols are deeply embedded in the Polynesian culture. I got a small manta tattooed two years ago and this year I could not resist and got him a bigger brother.


Article on Improvisation in All-at-Sea magazine

Living on a small boat on a small budget in remote places requires a great deal of improvisation skills. This article shows some of our improvised repairs. Those were usually just temporary fixes, although some became permanent ones… Birgit Hackl, Christian Feldbauer: Mad Max Makeshift Magic, All At Sea Caribbean, August 2017, p. 36–40. Free download from allatsea.net.


New Photos: Mantas!


New Article in All-at-Sea: Interview with female single hander

A couple of months ago in the Gambier Islands we met the young, French single hander Charlotte Guillemot. As she is the first female single hander we have met in the Pacific, we interviewed her. Birgit Hackl: Girl Power: Interviewing Charlotte Guillemot, All At Sea Caribbean, June 2017, p. 40–42. Free download from allatsea.net.


Better late than never: pics of the Gambier festival


Winter is coming

The day I left Austria it was snowing, during the day in Tahiti I was sweating and suffering in the humid and hot climate, but arriving in the Gambier I already felt the change in the seasons. The days are still warm and out of the wind in the sun it’s even hot, but at night it gets chilly and the water temperature is also… Continue reading »


Boatgarden Article in Ocean7 Magazine

Birgit Hackl: Mein kleiner Garten an Bord, OCEAN7 03 (Mai/Juni) 2017, p. 28–31. download PDF (in German only)


Location Report WordPress Plugin

Several fellow cruisers asked me whether I can recommend a WordPress plugin for position reporting, that is, a plugin to show the latest position of your vessel on a map and normally also to show the route traveled so far. The truth is I cannot really recommend one. But what do you use on Pitufa.at? On Pitufa.at I use Geo Mashup, or rather a… Continue reading »


Article about the Austrian Fleet in the South Pacific

Birgit Hackl, Christian Feldbauer: Die Österreicherflotte in der Südsee, OCEAN7 02 (März/April) 2017, p. 34–37. download PDF (in German only)


Pics of our house-sitting experience


Article about Using Satellite Imagery in All-at-Sea magazine

We are using satellite imagery for reef navigation a lot, so we wrote a short article about that topic a while ago and it got published in the All-at-Sea magazine this February. Christian Feldbauer, Birgit Hackl: Reef Navigation Using Satellite Images, All At Sea Caribbean, February 2017, p. 36–38. Free download from allatsea.net.


From Hao to Amanu

We spent a week in Hao, first anchored outside the dock, later we moved into the harbour and joined our friends on Ednbal and Raynad who were already alongside there. Apart from daily sundowners on the dock with our neighbours and free (!) internet provided by the mayor’s office Hao doesn’t have too many attractions. The ladies at the ‘mairie’ who I asked about anything… Continue reading »


The promised gallery of Tahanea’s underwater world


Photos of Tahanea

We have so many pictures of lovely Tahanea so we decided to split up the gallery in 3 parts. Two are already online, the third one on underwater life will follow soon.


Bug-fixing days on Pitufa.at

The last days we were busy with internet tasks. After almost two months without internet acces (except for emails via SSB radio) the list of tasks is long. The i-net access here in Hao is slow but we certainly won’t complain as it is free!!! I used this opportunity to fix some bugs on our web page. There were some issues concerning mobile friendliness, now… Continue reading »

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